Why choose full day wedding coverage? Edmonton Wedding Photographer.

black and white portrait by Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I always encourage couples to book full day coverage with their wedding photographer. In fact, all my packages include 12 hours. Of course there are some couples who only need partial day coverage, but for most weddings, I believe full day coverage is the best option because it allows your wedding photographer to capture the entire story of your wedding day from start to finish. It also gives you more flexibility and allows for greater spontaneity in how the day unfolds. Here are three reasons why I think choosing a full day wedding package is so valuable:

Banff wedding photos at Lake Minnewanka
Wedding photographer captures fall photos with couple

1. Tell the story of your wedding day!

bridal prep by Edmonton wedding photographer
Wedding photographer captures getting ready photos
Wedding photographer captures getting ready photos
Wedding photographer captures getting ready photos during indian wedding
Groom shaves in mirror
Wedding photographer captures getting ready photos
Bride prep at hotel in Edmonton

On the day of the wedding, I prefer to start when the couple is getting ready and to shoot well into the reception. This way, when you look back on your wedding photos, you will remember the day as a whole, from beginning to end. By the time the bride and groom are getting ready for their big day, my work is already well underway. I love being there to capture those special and intimate moments that take place before the ceremony. The morning is also a great time to capture detail shots of items such a jewelry and clothing, and it’s always a lot of fun to see close friend and family interacting before the big event.

Wedding dress hanging in window

same-sex wedding couple gets ready together

Wedding photographer captures bride doing her makeup

I love capturing fun moments like this one during Jessica & Tim’s wedding.

Edmonton wedding photographer

Groom prep by Edmonton wedding photographer

Your wedding photographer can do some beautiful bridal portraits before the ceremony!

Bride with bouquet in window light

bride kisses her dog before wedding

I love getting a few minutes with the bride just after she gets dressed. I love the those unique moments with an excited and thoughtful bride before she says her vows like this shot I got of Angie during her wedding at Rimrock Resort!

Bridal portrait by wedding photographer
Bridal portrait by wedding photographer

2. Reception photos that rock!

We wouldn’t have gotten this great shot of Rich and his guys singing along to their favourite song if we had just left after the first dance.

Wedding photographer captures fun party photos at reception
Wedding photographer captures fun party photos at reception
Banff Wedding photographer
Bride and Groom during speeches
Wedding photographer captures fun party photos at reception
Fun reception pictures by Edmonton wedding photographer
Fun reception pictures by Edmonton wedding photographer

While some photographers might finish shooting after the first dance or when the formal reception program is complete, I prefer to stay well into the night. Some of the best photos come after guest start to loosen up and participate in the reception. We are able to get some great candids of guests dancing, laughing, interacting and celebrating with you!

fun reception photos by Edmonton wedding photographer

Having more coverage at the reception allowed us the capture this Bride’s Ukrainian dance group taking part in the tradition of dancing the Kolomeyka!

bride is lifted in the air in a chair during Edmonton Wedding
fun edmonton wedding photography

fun reception photography by Edmonton wedding photographer

3. More time to get all the photos you want!

Like these images with the Bride’s beloved horse during her wedding in Chauvin.

Edmonton wedding photographer captures the bride with her horse

I always recommend that couples create a timeline for their wedding day and that it allows for at least two hours for portraits. With full day wedding coverage we will have more time for all the photos that you want to take, including candids, portraits, family photos, reception coverage and everything in between. Having your wedding photographer around for the whole day means not only that you will have more time to schedule in everything that is important to you, but also that there will be more “wiggle room” in terms of how the day unfolds, meaning more time for you to really enjoy the day!

Loved being able to capture the real moment of Ben & Alwin taking the train to their ceremony in downtown Toronto.

same-sex wedding couple kisses on train

or stopping at a local pub during this fun wedding!

Wedding party drinks at local pub

Or this group who stopped at Mercer Tavern before their reception!

wedding party drink at pub

We can even sneak out during the reception to get a gorgeous sunset shot!

Wedding photographer captures sunset shot with couple

Or a night shot!

Wedding photographer captures night shot with hindu couple


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